A New Direction!

In 2014, while living in Vancouver, Pat completed her English as a Second Language (EAL) training and received her TEOSL/TEFL Certification.

After returning to Winnipeg, Pat began a new career, working with the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) as an English language teacher. Pat enjoys working with adult refugees who are settling in Winnipeg.

In the fall of 2019, CTV and the United Way featured Pat’s class in a short video.

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Diversity and Philanthropy: Expanding the Circle of Giving - Lilya Wagner, Author
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Leaders of nonprofit organizations in North America need an up-to-date resource that defines how the multicultural contexts and diverse backgrounds of their constituents affect their giving to the organization. This book is that resource. It includes a chapter on American and Canadian philanthropy co-authored by Pat Hardy.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals has awarded author Lilya Wagner, The 2017 AFP Skystone Partners Research Prize for her book. Members of the Jury cited the book because it exemplifies the high standards of scholarship the Prize’s originators sought to encourage.

Excellence in Fundraising in Canada - VOLUME 2

Excellence in Fundraising in Canada
has recently been added to the CFRE Resource Reading List. The Hillborn Group is excited to announce that its success has led to the development of a second volume, Excellence in Fundraising in Canada VOLUME 2 which will be available in late November. Pat Hardy has contributed a new chapter titled "History of Fundraising in Canada".


Excellence in Fundraising in Canada
A comprehensive book written by Canadian Fundraisers, for Canadian Fundraisers! Pat Hardy is one of more than twenty leading prominent fundraising professionals contributing chapters to this groundbreaking text.














Miss P

Pat Hardy built The Tunnelwood Group the same way she advises her clients to build their successful fundraising capacities.

It started with an idea: The Tunnelwood Group believes that not-for-profit organizations can marshal the resources they need to meet their goals by working with like-minded groups and individuals.

It includes a commitment to competence and accountability: The Tunnelwood Group believes it's important to demonstrate the capacity to get things done before we ask for anyone's trust.

Pat can be reached by telephone at 1 (431) 999-7799 or by email at pathardy@tunnelwood.com.