What are the keys to fundraising success for my not-for-profit organization?

“Whether your organization is a charity, an arts, advocacy or a religious organization – or a political campaign for that matter – there are 3 keys you’ll need for fundraising success. And the Tunnelwood Group can help you get all 3 right.”

Pat Hardy, MA, ACFRE

The first key to successful fundraising is to identify revenue sources who share your values and feel strongly about your objectives.

Many organizations feel so deeply about their mission that they just assume others share their passion. But individuals, organizations, foundations, government agencies and Ministries all have their own priorities. If you find the ones who really do share your passions, you’ve taken the first step on the road to fundraising success. We’ll help you identify and understand those high-potential donors.

The second key to fundraising success is to earn donors’ confidence by demonstrating that your organization has the capacity to realize those shared goals.

Individuals, organizations, foundations, government agencies and Ministries all have their own ways of asking and answering the question: “Can these people really deliver what they’re promising?” We’ll help you understand their criteria, and we’ll help you develop the organizational strengths you’ll need to win your donors’ confidence – long term.

The third key to long term fundraising success is the building of a “shared philanthropic mission” engaging all the people involved in your shared mission.

These are the long term relationships that make organization truly successful.  They start with the values and commitment we share.  They include the accountabilities and effectiveness we build to earn our donor partners’ confidence and to satisfy ourselves that we’re making the best possible use of the resources we raise.  But like many very good things, these shared philanthropic missions are greater than the sum of their parts.  We’ll be delighted to help make them part of your organization’s life.