Pat Hardy is a highly esteemed and sought after mentor in the local and national fundraising communities.
Many individuals and organizations have participated in our Intern Programs in a close, mentored relationship with Pat.

CIER Interns

Virginia Gonzales (Tunnelwood Group), Val Whettel (Reaching Equality), Melissa Wastasecoot (Urban Shaman), Jean Klimack (aceartinc.), Rodney McDonald (CIER), Pat Hardy (Tunnelwood) and Trina Flett (CIER). Missing - Gordon Kern (Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs) and Karen Swain (Eyaa-keen Centre)

Unique Partnership Continues
"We began working with our second group of fundraising interns, part of a unique program established in partnership with Pat Hardy of the Tunnelwood Group. The interns focus on assisting with fundraising for 221 Rupert, and in turn they have the opportunity to learn the practicalities of fundraising from Ms. Hardy. The internship was established to provide volunteer fundraising resources to CIER and to extend the benefits of the coaching to other charitable non-profits in Winnipeg. This is the first fundraising intern program of its kind in Winnipeg.

The interns, plus staff from CIER, participate in bi-weekly meetings where Ms. Hardy presents principles of fundraising covering topics that include prospect identification, research and cultivation.

The original group of interns were from the following non-profits: Ace Art Inc., Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Eyaa-Keen Centre, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Urban Shaman Gallery, and Reaching E-quality Employment Services."

- CIER Newsletter

Pat's generosity to our internship program has shown us that fundraising can be incorporated into our daily work. Our organization will benefit from the simple, clear and common sense techniques Pat teaches, as well as by her focus on raising money through relationship building. Pat believes in assisting communities and helping to empower them to reach for realistic and attainable fund raising goals.

Melissa Wastasecoot
Urban Shaman Gallery