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The first volume of Excellence in Fundraising in Canada edited by Guy Mallabone and published in 2011 has become our all-time Best Seller. Adopted as a text by a number of Canadian academic institutions, it delivers over 400 years of combined fundraising experience through the expertise of 22 of Canada's most respected fundraising professionals.

Now Volume 2 of Excellence in Fundraising in Canada completes the picture with an additional 18 chapters from more respected Canadian fundraising professionals, again edited by Guy Mallabone.

History of Fundraising in Canada - Patricia Hardy
HR in Fundraising -Tim McConnell
Small Shops - Ligia Pena
Measuring Performance - Karen Van Sacker
Organizational Culture - Kelly Morris and Andrea Morris
Diversity in Fundraising -Krishan Mehta and Deborah Greenfield
Advocacy -Christopher F. Holz
Telemarketing - Dan Abraham
International Fundraising -Cathy Daminato
Charitable Gaming -Ted Garrard
Sponsorship - Brent Barootes
Creative in Fundraising - John VanDuzer
Communication Strategies with Major Gift Donors - Anne Melanson
Social Fundraising - James Howe
Philanthropic Naming - Vincent E. Duckworth
Entrepreneurial Fundraising - Kathryn Babcock
Grant Writing - Rob Peacock
The Charity in Business - John Baker and John Pepin
The 'definitive resource' for Canadian fundraisers, both volumes of Excellence will inevitably find their way onto the bookshelves of thousands of Canadian fundraisers, from old hands with decades of time in the trenches to raw recruits looking to social media to transform our world.



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