Pat and her horse Carbon




Raising money is about making friends. It’s about building strong, lasting relationships with people who share your vision. And it’s about having the capacity to do so in an organized, thoughtful way.




Pat Hardy built the Tunnelwood Group the same way she advises her clients to build their successful fundraising capacities. 

It started with an idea:  the Tunnelwood Group believes that not-for-profit organizations should be able to marshal the resources they need to meet their goals by working with like-minded groups and individuals.

It includes a commitment to competence and accountability:  the Tunnelwood Group believes it’s important to demonstrate the capacity to get things done before we ask for anyone’s trust.

And Tunnelwood has a proud record of building exactly the kind of shared philanthropic missions that lead to the most important kind of long term fundraising success:  the kind where both the organization and its donors share the excitement of achieving the goals we share.

Pat Hardy, MA, ACFRE, started life in Manitoba.  After years in other parts of Canada, she chose to come back home, bringing with her a broad and deep understanding of the dynamics of fundraising and organizational development, and a passion to succeed.

In Tunnelwood, Pat has built a unique network of fundraising, communications, social marketing, design and production professionals who share a passion for building the social and cultural fabric of our community.

The Tunnelwood Group offers a full spectrum of services from development audits or annual campaign plans, design and implementation of major gifts programs to organizational and philanthropic development services that will help you build your organization’s capacity and engage your partners in a true shared philanthropic mission.

Call us to talk about ways your organization can raise the resources and build the capacity to achieve your goals.