The Tunnelwood Group developed our suite of services to help our clients meet both their immediate goals and their longer term, strategic objectives.  Our aim is always the same:  as we are helping you meet this year’s goals, we’re also helping you develop your organization’s strengths so you can meet even more ambitious goals in the future.

That’s why we view every fundraising challenge as an organizational development challenge, too, for example; it’s why we see every plan development project as a staff development project, too. 

We bring a great deal of knowledge and experience about fundraising, organizational governance and development, staff training, plan development and the other key aspects of successful not-for-profit organizations.  We can provide expert, professional help in meeting practical and immediate problems from proposal writing to recruitment to organizing your Board Retreat or Annual Meeting.  We can help train your staff and your members in the skills they’ll need to meet your goals.

But in every case, the starting point is your organization, your goals, your capacities, your ambitions and your organization’s passion for its cause:  we start where you are, and we provide the services to help you move successfully from there.