We’ll be delighted to help make those high-potential donors part of your organization’s life…

Your organization’s “shared philanthropic mission” provides the foundations for all your organization’s fund-raising activities.

It starts with the commitment your own people feel for your cause.

Building a the kind of shared philanthropic mission that will give your organization the capacity to develop and sustain successful fund raising activities over time depends on the passion your staff, board and members feel for your cause.  Before you can persuade others to give, your own people must be deeply committed – giving of their time, energy and, in very successful not-for-profit organizations, contributing financially, too.

That passionate commitment is important, but it’s not enough.  There are some hard, practical steps you’ll have to take to put your organization on a sound footing.  We can help you, each step of the way.

Your shared philanthropic mission comes alive as you establish a professional and systematic approach to meeting your funding-raising targets.

The Tunnelwood Group will work closely with you as you developing the key elements in your ongoing fund-raising approach.

We’ll help you establish a clear Financial Sustainability Program – incorporating realistic views of your financial needs, the sources you’ll rely on for funding, and the ongoing monitoring and management you’ll need to make sure you’re staying on track.

We’ll help you build sound Fund Development Strategies and Plans – consistent with your organization’s overall Strategic Plan, with clearly defined action plans to move you towards your financial goals.

We’ll help you bring all aspects of your fund-raising – from Major Capital Campaigns to day-to-day appeals – into one cohesive, manageable whole by Establishing a Development Office appropriate to the scope of your activities and the scale of your resources and facilities.  Our help can range from recruitment services if you need new personnel with specialized fund-raising expertise to organizational and training support to help equip your current employees to take your fund-raising to a more professional level.

The engine for your “shared philanthropic mission” will be the way you tell your story.

The Tunnelwood Group believes that getting the story right – putting your needs and your vision into words that engage potential donors and encourage them to see themselves involved in reaching your goals – and open many doors that might otherwise stay closed.  We use proven communications techniques as we work closely with your people to develop powerful Case Statements,  pinpointing and refining your Key Messages to have the greatest possible resonance with your target audiences.  We coach your Storytellers on the finer points of delivering those messages in ways that are clear, consistent and inviting to donors.