Just wanted to thank-you for an excellent strategy session on Friday.  We got all our BIG tasks done which was a BIG deal! 
Tara Walker, Executive Director
Manitoba Motion Picture Industry Association

I really appreciate the intelligence and care you bring to your work and that you are bringing to our endeavors here. We’re lucky. Thank you!
Jessica Senehi
Storytelling For Peace


Thank you Pat,  We appreciate your hard work and expertise.
Lucille Bart
Executive Director
Artbeat Studio Inc.

"Thanks so much Pat! your advice was great, we really appreciate it."
Cam Forbes
Art City

"Thank you so much. You went beyond the call of duty!!"
Diane Haglund
Steering Committee, 2008 Digitization Summit

I wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for such a wonderful week! You have lit a fire within me, and I am so encouraged and enthused, and generally excited! Your peer-to-peer learning model is genius! You're doing really amazing things for the city.
Holly Procktor
Art Gallery of Ontario

Dear Pat,
We should be thanking you for your wonderful work on our strat plan, not you thanking us, silly! You did a marvelous job of keeping us from get bogged down in the minutae of language. It was a painless day that yeilded a helpful document, thanks to you. It was especially important to go through the process just after the ED change, when we have new energy. And with Carol at the driver's wheel, we've already started moving on recommendations. Thanks so much TO YOU and hope to see you round and about (not at funerals!).
Shawna Dempsey
MAWA Board of Directors

From: Billie Stewart
Sent: May 31, 2005 1:07 PM
To: Pat Hardy
Subject: Re: Dating the Decision Makers & an invitation for June 15th
Thanks, Pat. You really give good value in your sessions. When I got there I recall thinking maybe I've been to enough of these, but lo and behold you gave me lots of useful tools and some things I didn't know. The background on Canadian philanthropy was especially interesting. In fact, in half an hour a couple of WJO musicians are coming over for our first WJO Outreach/Education Program development committee meeting, so your little excel spreadsheet is going to get put to use today.
Billie Stewart

RE: Board/Volunteer recruitment info
Thank-you so much for EVERYTHING and there's so much to include in that word. There must be tons of organizations that are much more healthy because of you. You are awesome. Thanks!
Jacinthe Duval
Archiviste, La Société historique de Saint-Boniface

From: Tara Walker
Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2007 4:56 PM
To: Pat Hardy
Subject: RE: Recommended Plan - for MMPIA's Strategic Planning

thank-you, I love you!

Tara Walker, Executive Director
Manitoba Motion Picture Industry Association (MMPIA)

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Pat Hardy and her team are a genuine pleasure to work with, making the daunting task of raising funds for a Capital Campaign, less stressful and more satisfying. Pat's knowledge of the Winnipeg community and her ease and comfort in the fundraising world, are a tremendous asset. I hope we'll have more opportunities to work together in the future.
Vicki Burns
Executive Director, The Winnipeg Humane Society

Pat’s efficiency, professionalism, ability to adapt to our needs and quick understanding of People First of Canada was impressive! Pat went above and beyond the tasks she was hired to do for us. She made me feel very assured throughout the contract that things were under control, and was extremely patient in figuring out what our needs were. I got to know Pat on a personal level and she was a pleasure to work with, travel with and generally just to be with. I would most definitely recommend the Tunnelwood Group to others.
Shelley Rattai
National Coordinator, People First of Canada

Pat Hardy facilitated a Campaign Audit for us at the College in 2003. Pat made the entire process enjoyable, giving us focus, the confidence to complete our tasks and reason to celebrate our achievments. Pat provided us with tools to carry our campaign through tough times. The Tunnelwood Group has been a valuable resource for our campaign, we highly recommend their services.
Ed Peters
Steinbach Bible College

Pat Hardy is an innovator. She challenges you to think outside the box, explore new concepts, and she never shies away from trying the unknown to get to the desired result. As a manager, she was a mentor. As a colleague, she was a team player. As a fundraiser, she was inspiring."
Shawna Curtis
Scarborough Community Access Centre (Scarborough, Ontario)

I continue to be impressed with how you present information to the Board - keeping everyone informed and involved! I think everyone left feeling comfortable with how things are going and that you have it all under control. (And that's no mean feat!!)
Kathy Strachan
Executive Director, Villa Rosa

Pat Hardy, ACFRE, is a “fundraisers’ fundraiser,” incorporating the ability to train, to create innovative strategies and to establish a meaningful rapport with her colleagues. As I can attest from personal experience, Pat has a unique ability to build a true fundraising team – a team that is based in friendship and mutual respect and one that establishes and reaches the necessary goals. And, she does it with good humour, common sense and a recognition that relationship building is at the centre of all we do.
Gay Harper, CFRE
Director of Development, Youth Assisting Youth

Pat Hardy is the ideal source of strategic acumen and solid counsel. When I need to go forward, the first step I take is towards Pat Hardy. When viable solutions, accomplishment and success are the desired outcomes, the first person I call is Pat Hardy.
Joanne Thibault, LEAF

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Pat Hardy epitomizes professionalism in the practice of fundraising. She consistently demonstrates commitment to building community capacity through philanthropy as a practitioner, an educator, a reseacher and a mentor. She is simply among the best fund development professionals in North America and we are fortunate that she has chosen to live and work at home in Manitoba.
Leslie E. Weir, MA, CFRE
Director of Family Philanthropy, Winnipeg Foundation

"Pat Hardy's courses are excellent. Not only does Pat have a great depth of knowledge about fundraising, she also communicates that knowledge in a passionate and entertaining way. Her classes provided me with an extensive base of knowledge and the tools to build on that base throughout my career".
Donna McLennan CFRE
Senior Manager, Major Gifts, United Way Winnipeg

"As Canada's first ACFRE and a graduate of AFP’s Faculty Training Academy who continues to serve on AFP’s Continuing Education Review Committee, Pat Hardy has clearly demonstrated her commitment to education. She recognizes the need for advanced fundraising education in the local fundraising community. Pat Hardy is recognized amongst her peers in Winnipeg as a leader in the profession, I think Pat is #1 in the city."
Maretta Emery BA, CA, CFRE
Director of Private Funding, University of Manitoba

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba hired me to be part of their Fund Development team as a Program Coordinator. Although they knew that I had very little training in fundraising, they hired me for my organizational abilities to coordinate two events on their behalf. To further my limited knowledge of fundraising, the organization covered the cost for me to attend two levels of Pat Hardy’s workshops on Fundraising Theory & Practice. Both levels gave me the boost and confidence I needed to assist me in understanding the intricacies of fundraising and how to apply them to my daily tasks.
Kim Longstreet
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba

Participating in Pat Hardy's courses through the Tunnelwood Group has developed my awareness of fundraising as a profession and encouraged the establishment of the basic building blocks for fund development within our organization.
Val Whettell
Reaching E-Quality Employment Services

"Pat Hardy has done an outstanding job! As a newcomer to professional fundraising, taking Pat’s courses was without a doubt a wise decision. The material covered in all three courses was current, pertinent, and concise. One can expect their learning curve to go straight up as Pat’s congenial teaching style really facilitates the learning experience."
Teresa Turner
Corporate Communications and Fund Development, St. Amant Foundation

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As an individual new to the world of fundraising, I found Pat Hardy's courses informative, challenging and energizing. Her teaching style was relaxed, yet very professional. I would highly recommend her courses to individuals seeking further education in the field of fundraising.
Nalini Persaud
Manitoba School Improvement Program

Pat Hardy has been a driving force behind the advancement of the fundraising profession in Manitoba. Her reputation as a leader who is dedicated to education and training, passionate about promoting ethical and effective fundraising, and her demonstrated mentorship of colleagues and those new to the field, are unparalleled. Pat leads by example through her commitment to certification and the value of knowledge and research in philanthropy. She is revered as a leader in the community in fundraising, strategic planning, non-profit management and leadership development.
Susan Storey, CFRE
Senior Director, Development, Kidney Foundation of Canada

As a relative newcomer to the fund-development field, with three years of experience in Planned Giving, I found Pat Hardy's courses to be very practical and informative. The case studies and the group work model that she uses demonstrate current practices in the field and stretched my experience to help me grow as a fund developer.
Stephanie Yamniuk
University of Manitoba

The Fundraising Theory and Practice classes have given me knowledge, confidence and a greater circle of contacts. Students are challenged to come up with creative solutions to common fundraising dilemmas and because the classes are structured to provide feedback and group discussion, students gain knowledge from each other as well as the instructor. I have gained a clearer understanding of the value of long-term, established donor relationships and I am able to speak to matters of stewardship with knowledge and confidence.
Kristine Betker
Red River College

Pat Hardy is an exceptional teacher and mentor, providing valuable leadership to fundraising students and professionals alike. Her extensive education, her experience and skill in fund development, along with her generous support of emerging professionals, have made her an icon of all that fundraising – and a fundraising professional – should be. Pat’s cheerful and generous willingness to share her knowledge and ideas with others makes her an example that the rest of us in the field of fund development should all strive to follow.
Kathy Penner
Major Gifts Officer, Museum for Human Rights

Fundraising is not an easy job and the more resources you have to fall back on the better. The courses I have taken from Pat have been extremely valuable, as they continue to provide me with the knowledge base necessary to excel at my job. Pat’s enthusiasm, experience and expertise are exceptional and if you truly want to become a professional fundraiser then I would strongly recommend attending her courses.”
Colleen McIver
Manitoba Opera

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Pat Hardy's extensive skills and intuitive knowledge of the fundraising and development field make her an incredible resource for organizations and colleagues. Combine that with her confidence, charm and competent nature and you have a development professional of the highest caliber."
Heather Haynes
Friends of the Mississippi (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Working with Pat Hardy helped me recognize fundraising as a true “science” rather than an abstract concept. She has been very generous with her experience and committed to our learning. I feel empowered by her training!
Trina Flett
Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER)

Pat's generosity to our internship program has shown us that fundraising can incorporated into our daily work. Our organization will benefit from the simple, clear and common sense techniques Pat teaches, and her focus on raising money through relationship building. Pat believes in assisting communities and helping to empower them to reach for realistic and attainable fund raising goals.
Melissa Wastasecoot
Urban Shaman Gallery

My claim to fame - I was the first graduate of the certificate programme taught by Pat. I was impressive by her teaching methodology and by assignments which were focused on incorporating the theory learned in class to create a deliverable that the students could then take and implement at their own institutions. I could see this translating into a very client driven consulting practice and I experienced this to some degree with my committee involvement with the Winnipeg Film Group and Pat's assistance there.
Heather Laser, Fund Development Director
Manitoba Theatre Centre

As a colleague, as a client and as a mentor to me, Pat has shared her phenomenal breadth of knowledge about philanthropy, and that has been invaluable.
Leslie Vryenhoek
Memorial University

As a new development professional, I was very surprised and impressed by the quality of training I was able to absorb through Pat's course in such a concise and digestable package. Pat's experience and wisdom leave one feeling energized and empowered to return to their fundraising work with a perspective newly enriched with practical advice, deep theoretical knowledge and a sense of support and community both from The Tunnelwood Group and from other course attendees. The group dynamic was fantastic, almost enebriating, and it was clearly because of Pat's skill as a teacher and facilitator that we were able to accomplish so much in such a short time. I recommend her highly.
David Cannon

Pat Hardy and The Tunnelwood Group provided invaluable information to the conference delegates that attended the workshop Dating the Decision Makers at the Creative Manitoba Conference in May 2005. In fact, one of the delegates indicated their satisfaction by stating: “Outstanding presenter – made all the information accessible and easy to digest. Excellent presentation”! Pat’s facilitation style and her openness in sharing information are very much appreciated. We will certainly have Pat and The Tunnelwood Group back.
Lynn Riddell
Arts & Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba

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